Available Records & Confidentiality

The following is a listing of various reports and/or records that have been and continue to be available to our shareholders, for inspection and copying by written request pursuant to the Bylaws.  The January 2005 Appellate Court opinion has broadened the application of records availability to apply to the general public and to include those documents as described in the State Public Records Act.  Any written requests received will receive a written response within the time period as stated in the statute (currently ten days).

  • Annual Report of San Antonio Water Company – {Mailed annually to all shareholders}  This report contains the audited financial statement for the year, the water supply and delivery figures with comparisons to prior years, and summaries of: operational activities, capital improvements accomplished, projected activities and projects, and legal matters of consequence.
  • Annual Report on Water Quality – {Available annually to all consumers of the water delivered by the Company.}  This is known as the CCR [Consumer Confidence Report] and it contains specific water quality data and other pertinent facts and references of significance to consumers of the water delivered.
  • Helpful information, fact-sheets, rebate data, and newsletter (mailed periodically to all customers, sometimes within the bills).
  • Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.
  • Minutes of proceedings of the Shareholders, the Board of Directors and any committee of the Board.
  • Accounting books and records [Records being generally considered as those documents serving as the underlying basis for the accounting books]
  • Both the quarterly and annual financial statements for the preceding year.
    Records that contain information which could facilitate a security risk, involve litigation, those legally protected, and those relating to the privacy of shareholders are not generally available, subject to appropriate application of the State Public Records Act.