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Becky Miller 

Position: Director
Term: 2023-2027

Director Becky Miller was elected to the Board of Directors in November 2023 and has lived in the Upland area for more than 50 years. She served the Upland Unified School District as a teacher for 28 years and she held administrative positions in neighboring districts for 10 years. As an active community member, Becky served on the San Antonio Heights Association as a Board Member for 12 years and President for 2 of those years. In this post, she worked with the Army Corps of Engineers concerning San Antonio Dam updates and the San Bernardino County Flood Control Agency regarding the Cucamonga Basin #6 water drainage updates. In addition, Becky is currently an Upland Heritage Board member and Uplanders Club member. In 2009, Becky was recognized by the City of Upland, County of San Bernardino and the California Legislature Assembly as a "Woman of Distinction".