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Municipal/Misc. Billing Information

Municipal/Miscellaneous Billing Information

San Antonio Water Company reads customer water meters on the last day of every month, unless the date falls on a weekend day or holiday.  Then the reading of the meters will begin or end on the next available business day.  San Antonio Water Company bills Municipal/Miscellaneous customers on a monthly billing cycle and sends out bills for each month’s service.  Billing is prepared and usually mailed out within five (5) business days after completion of meter reading for the prior month.

Municipal/Miscellaneous Billing Schedule (Example)

(Feb usage)

Meter reading dates last day of each month                                                           12/31/2018

Bills mailed out within five (5) business days                                                             1/04/2019

Due date on current invoice usually due within 21 days                                          1/25/2019

Meter reading date last day of each month                                                               1/31/2019

Following month’s bill mailed                                                                                       2/05/2019

Final Notice of past due amount mailed with late fee usually 7 days later          2/11/2019

Final Notice usually due within seven (7) days                                                           2/19/2019

Water service disconnection usually next business day                                         2/20/2019


About Your Municipal/Miscellaneous Bill

The Entitlement Charge - is the cost for water consumed within your monthly shareholding entitlement. 

The Supplemental Charge (Tier 2) - is the cost for water consumed over your entitlement up to your entitlement allowance. 

The Tier 3 Charge is all usage over 200% of entitlement.

The Readiness to Serve Charge - is based on your meter size and is a portion of the costs to keep the system ready to provide your water demand. 

The Water Availability Charge (WAC) - is based on the amount of shares owned at $8.00 a month per share. Your shareholding entitlement (as shown on the bill) is proportional to the total number of shares outstanding and the amount of water that is available for distribution.  Monthly entitlement tables are shown below for your reference in determining your entitlement throughout the year.  These amounts can change as water supply conditions indicate.


       Effective: 1/1/2020:


MUNI 2020 entitlement.pdf