Water Shares/Stock

Water Stock Instructions

San Antonio Water Company is a private mutual water entity, under State Code, we must conform to the statutes and our Bylaws when taking actions on shareholder's water service accounts and stock holdings. All such instructions for action on a shareholder(s) account(s) and/or shareholding(s) must be in written form, signed by the shareholder(s) of record and notarized. When a real estate (property) transfer involves the closing of one's water service account and transfer of water stock, these Water Stock Transfer Instructions should be followed.

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Water Stock Leases

The leasing of water shares/stock is a privilege allowed only between shareholders. A non-shareholder (an individual with no share holdings in the water company) cannot lease shares from a shareholder. Leases cannot be implemented mid-billing cycle.  Please see the requirements for leasing water shares and requirements for a legally sufficient contract for more information.