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May contain: ground, soil, and cable
Cucamonga Crosswalls - Fall 2018
Video presentation of Facilities in late 2021/early 2022

The above video link was presented at the company's regular January Board Meeting on 1/18, 2022

Projects Currently Out to Bid:

 No projects currently out to bid (11/19/21)

Projects in Motion (2021 Capital Improvement Plan)

2021 CIP Schedule2021 Project Worksheets


2020 Urban Water Management Plan (37 MB)

Projects Completed in 2021 Include:

  • Holly Drive Tank, Phase II
  • Cliff near Euclid Crescent and Cliff pipeline
  • Primrose, north of 25th pipeline
  • Linda, north of 24th pipeline
  • Domestic and Irrigation Meter Replacements
  • Frankish Tunnel Pipeline Repair and Meter Install
  • Reservoir 9 pipeline replacement
  • Installation of emergency generators at Booster 17, Booster 19 and Shaft 6
  • Demolition of two abandoned booster stations
  • System Mapping and GIS Database
  • Urban Water Management Plan
  • American Water Infrastructure Act Vulnerability Assessment and Emergency Response Plan

Projects Completed in 2020 Include:

  1. Campus Avenue Waterline Replacment
  2. Reservoir 7 Reroof and Liner
  3. Edison Pond Valve Replacment