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SAWCo currently employs ten staff members to provide operational and administrative services. Many of the staff members have been employeed with SAWCo for years... a few for decades. We are here to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have regarding your water, its source and quality.


General Manager - Brian Lee

Brian is an experienced General Manager with over 26 years of professional water engineering leadership and management experience throughout California. He grew up in the Los Angeles area and graduated as a Civil Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona, He also holds an MBA and has previously been D-3 and T-3 certified. Brian began his journey with San Antonio Water Company on September 17, 2018. He currently serves as the Company's representative to the Chino Basin Watermaster.


Assistant General Manager - Teri Layton

Teri has been working in the water utility industry for over 30 years.  She began her water career back in the 1980's with a special water district in Whittier, California.  Ms. Layton came to San Antonio Water Company in 1992 and has continued to grow in the Company.  She currently holds the position of Assistant General Manager.   Over the last several years Ms. Layton has been actively participating in all three water basins the Company has water rights in and has held several leadership positions in both Six Basins and Chino Basin.  In her time with the Company, Teri has earned her D-2 certification and her Business Administration degree at Cal Poly Pomona with the emphasis in management and human resources.