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Service Requests

When a customer calls with a water service related problem (i.e. high usage, meter reads, leaks or any other meter problems) a service order will be prepared.  Our field personnel will investigate the issue and attempt to personally speak with the customer.  If the customer is not home, a door hanger will be left on the door of the service address with the results of the investigation.

Depending on the problem noticed and the investigation findings, final steps will be taken to ensure the problem has been resolved in a timely and accurate manner.

In the case of an emergency, contact our 24 hour number:  909-982-4107.  A field person is on call for emergency situations.

Changing Information On Your Water Bill?

All requests to change information on a water bill must be submitted in writing by the shareholder(s). Only the individual(s) named on the water stock certificate is(are) able to alter the information on the water bill. If a renter/lessee resides in the home, the bill can be put "in care of" (c/o) the renter/lessee but the shareholder's name will remain on the bill as well. The renter/lessee is not able to put their name on, or take their name off of the water bill. This must be done by the shareholder in writing and submitted to the water company in person, by mail or via email.

For additional information please contact us

***ATTENTION: If any customer has special medical needs (i.e. dialysis, etc.) that would require continuous water availability, contact the office at (909) 982-4107.***