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As a mutual water company, the San Antonio Water Company is responsible for providing water service to its shareholders pursuant to the company Bylaws.  In order to receive water service, one must obtain San Antonio Water Company stock sufficient to cover water usage within established entitlements as the stock is not linked to the property.

For Any New Development:

Water Service Request Application is needed.

When submitting a Water Service Request Application you must provide a plot/site plan stamped by a registered civil engineer or land surveyor showing property dimensions. The development must have a minimum of one half share of Company stock for the first half-acre. For each quarter-acre (or portion thereof) above the first half-acre, the development must have an additional quarter-share of Company stock.

After the Water Service Request Application is approved, a “Willingness to Serve Letter” will be sent to the shareholder/applicant with a copy to the County of San Bernardino. Once a “Will Serve Letter” is produced, the next step would be to pay the applicable fees to have a new service line installed. (Please refer to Water Fees and Charges). A new service will not be installed until the framing of the development is complete.

For A Hydrant Meter

To request the installation of a hydrant meter please complete the form and submit it to the water company with applicable fees.

For Fire Flow Tests

To request a fire flow test please complete the form and submit it to the water company. Those requesting a fire flow test will need to secure a licensed C-16 contractor to perform the test with water company staff present. The licensed C-16 contractor will need to contact the water company office after the form has been submitted to coordinate a date and time to perform the test.


See above

Parcel/Tract Map Development

Developing Tract or Parcel Map there may be a requirement to construct applicable site and related water improvement plans in order to provide water service to the developed lots. As such, a “Request for Water Service” is required to be completed and submitted in order to receive a “Will Serve Letter”.   Engineered water system plans shall be created pursuant to the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction and the Company’s specifications.