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Old Sign - San Antonio Water Co. Warehouse

Historical Review

The San Antonio Water Company (“Company”), located in Upland, California is a historically established Mutual Water Company incorporated October 25, 1882. The Company has consistently provided water service to its active shareholders for over 130 years.

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Since water is the business of this Company, it is important to note that the natural waters of this area were part of the 1839 land grant, known as ‘The Cucamonga Rancho’.  California became a State in 1850. This grant of land was a portion of the original territory granted to the San Gabriel Mission.  In those 43 years between the land grant and the Company’s incorporation, the social, economic and cultural changes in the inland valley lifestyle were substantial.  The westward expansion and the transcontinental railroads facilitated most of the change, and changes continued after the Company formation.  Subsequent development of water rights and delivery services were initiated as the migration of people resulted in the development of agriculture, business and residency.  The practice of irrigation by the ditch walkers (Zanjeros) has given way to automated systems fitting the changing style of life that people have enjoyed through the decades due to a sustained water supply.

Our shareholders include most residents of the unincorporated area of San Antonio Heights, the entities of Upland, Ontario, and Monte Vista Water District local golf course and rock product entities, and those few remaining grove irrigators within the original Village of Ontario area.

Statement Of Purpose

Old Sign - Division Change, 462 miners inches. Depth over this weir 6 inches
A 'Miner's Inch' is a unit of flow. In SoCal it is 1/50 of a cubic foot per second.

This Company was formed in 1882, and both its original stated purpose (presented below) and its purpose today are focused on beneficial water service to all shareholders.

“Acquiring by appropriation, purchase, or otherwise, water, water rights, water privileges and right of way in the Counties of Los Angeles and San Bernardino and to furnish, lease or sell the same for irrigation, milling, manufacturing and other purposes.  To own, hold, construct and maintain canals, ditches and all structures, lands, easements and rights appertaining thereto for the purpose of taking and conveying water as herein mentioned to owners of lots and blocks in the Village of Ontario and to stockholders in this Corporation and none others.  To make improvements, borrow money and transact any and all business and things connected with the business of the Corporation and relating thereto.”

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