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Reading Your Meter And Leak Detection

Why Should I Read My Meter?

You can monitor your own water use and check for leaks.  We recommend you read your water meter regularly and record readings on a monthly basis. Over time, you will be able to predict your average monthly water use.

Locating Your Meter

Most water meters are located in the front of the house, usually near the curb or sidewalk. The meter is located inside of a rectangular box that lies flush with the ground, often near other utilities. Keep landscaping and other obstructions clear.

Reading Your Meter

To read your meter visually, use a large screwdriver and lift up the meter box’s lid.

  • Warning! Spiders, bugs and/or rodents are sometimes found in meter boxes.
  • Water meters are read in units of cubic feet (CF). Your meter will indicate the units used.
  • Read the first 6 digits from left to right.
  • Record the number. In 30 days, check the number again. Subtract the first reading from the second to determine your water consumption for the past month.

Translating Your Reading Into Gallons

  • If your water meter reads in cubic feet, multiply the recorded number by 7.48.

Using Your Meter To Test For Leaks

The round red dial is a low flow indicator visibly rotates when you are using water. You can use this low flow indicator feature as an investigative tool. If all faucets, spigots and other water consumption devices are turned off both inside and outside your home, and the low flow indicator is rotating, you may have a water leak. If you can’t locate the leak, please contact a plumber or San Antonio Water Company for assistance.

May contain: wristwatch

Leak Detection

Our domestic meters currently have a device attached that allows the meters to have the "Automatic Meter Reading" (AMR) capabilities. With some of these devices, an Interval Data was installed, that collects usage on an hourly basis' and stores the information for 45 days.  During that time period, if there has been at least 1 CF of water continuously running through the meter for 24 hours, it may be indicative of a possible leak on the property.  At that time, the meter is flagged or reported on a Leak Detection Report and you may receive a recorded phone message from our office stating that you may have a leak.  If you receive a phone call it is best to check your irrigation system for any broken sprinklers or irrigation lines.  If you need further direction, please contact our office.