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Can I pay my water bill by phone with a credit card?

The Water Company does not accept payments via phone. Payments can be made with check or cash  in the Company office. Shareholders can also pay online with a credit card using the Quick Pay option which will require their account number and last payment amount made . Please visit our payments page for more options.

I can't find my stock certificate. Can you send me a new one?

Unfortunately, we are unable to send you a new stock certificate.  The shareholder(s), would need to obtain a Lost Instrument Bond (LIB), at a charge through an insurance company. LIB's are only insured for 3 years, therefore, the LIB would need to be transferred to a new stock certificate.  Complete instructions can be found here.

I didn't receive a bill last month.

San Antonio Water Company is on a bi-monthly billing schedule.  Bills for residential (domestic) customers are mailed out the first week of the month in January, March, May, July, September and November.  All other customers (municipal and miscellaneous) are billed monthly.

What is the Readiness to Serve Charge?

A readiness to service (RTS) charge is based on the demand availability determined by your meter size .  It is designed to collect revenues to cover operating and maintenance expenses.

What is the Water Availability Charge?

The Water Availability Charge (WAC) is a charge based on shares owned.  It is designed to recover fixed expenditures that support the "availability" of water. The WAC is applied to each share (or fraction) owned.  This charge is applied to both active and dormant shares.