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On Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at 9 a.m. SAWCo held a stock auction for the following stocks due to outstanding liens and below are the winning bids:

Stock Certificate Number   Share Amount       Winning Bid Amount        Winning Bidder

A13283                                    1/4 share                     $16,928.00                     Hartanto L. Justin

A13282                                    1/4 share                     $10,000.00                     City of Upland

A11023                                    1/4 share                      $17,000.00                     Mallu Reddy




Effective 9/1/2023, the convenience charge for online payments by credit or debit card will switch from a percentage calculation of the bill to a fixed fee of $3.  This is in addition to a fixed $1.25 municipal online fee charged by our accounting software firm.  Starting 9/1/23, each credit/debit card transaction fee will be a flat $4.25  This cost helps offset the fees paid by SAWCO for online bill pay services.


In 2020 the entitlement increased to 13,000 AF per year.  Check here for your bi-monthly entitlement.