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Martha Goss, Director

Position: Secretary/CFO
Term: 2023-2027

Director Goss was elected to the Board of Directors April 2019. She is the Vice-President and Secretary of Goss Construction Company Inc. since 1994. Martha has also served on The Board of Directors for the following organizations; San Antonio Heights Association (Founding Member) served as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director over the past 28 years. Also, serving as President of The Rebecca Goss Memorial Foundation since 2007 and as Vice President of The Roman Fund since 2015. Her leadership roles include serving as Chairman of San Bernardino County Trails and Greenways Committee Second District. Some of her major accomplishments include establishing The Rancho Cucamonga Creek Trails/San Antonio Heights Trails System as well as input on other various Trail Systems within San Bernardino County. and serving as Commander of the San Bernardino County/Chino Hills Division Sheriffs Equestrian Unit.